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 Effective cyber risk management requires the support of the whole organisation. We help organisations understand cyber risk as a business risk, not an IT risk. We offer a range of services to meet compliance, manage governance, plan, prepare and respond to a cyber threat, 

Cyberworqs specialises in the following services:

Implementation of Information Security Management Systems: ISO 27001 | NIST Framework. 

We will help you decide on which information Security Management System  is right for you and manage the implementation.

APRA CPS 234 Compliance

  • Cyber Policies and Procedures​ and Training

  • Third-Party Security Assessments and Risk Management

Cyber Insurance

There is no silver bullet solution when it comes to cyber threats. We manage the risk as best we can to mininise the impact of a cyber threat. Cyber insurance helps you meet the costs and expenses associated with a cyber attack. 

These costs include incident response teams, IT foresnsic consultants, legal liability, regulatory investigations, fines & penalties and loss of income. 

Cyber Insurance is provided by CMX Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd


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