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Privacy Impact Assessments

Protecting the privacy of your customers is paramount as we move faster into the digital economy. It is becoming increasingly important to be on the front foot and build in privacy protection and compliance when commencing new projects to reduce the impact of a privacy breach.

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a systematic approach to identifying the impact that a project might have on the privacy of individuals, and recommendations for managing, minimising, or eliminating that impact.


What are the benefits of a Privacy Impact Assessment?

PIAs can help ensure compliance, facilitate a privacy-by-design approach and identify better practice.

They also demonstrate an organisation's commitment to accountable and transparent privacy practices and build trust with customers and regulators.

When should a Privacy Impact Assessment be conducted?

A PIA should be considered for all 'high privacy risk projects'. A project may be a high privacy risk if it involves new or changed ways of handling personal information that is likely to have a significant impact on the privacy of individuals.

At present, all Australian government agencies subject to the Privacy Act are required to conduct a PIA for all high privacy risk projects.


A 'project' can include:

- new policy proposals

- new or amended legislation

- new or changed activities

- new or changed methods or procedures for service delivery or information handling

- implementing IT systems or databases or increasing the number of users of those systems

- implementing new technologies that include automated decision-making processes

- restructure or changes to business activities


How can CyberWorqs help?


CyberWorqs can help you conduct PIAs and deliver a tailored solution to meet your privacy needs. We are specialists in identifying and assessing risks, and implementing processes and policies to protect and manage information.


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