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Do you know how to minimise Cyber Attacks?


In reality, no system is completely safe because Cyber risk is fast moving and constantly changing. Which is why cybersecurity must also be focused on managing risks and keeping these at an acceptable level.

Who are most at risk of a Cyber Attack in Australia?

The profile of Australian organisations that have been attacked is not limited by their size and their pool of IT specialists. Since January 2020, many thousands of organisations, mostly small to medium sized ones have been attacked.

Planning for cyber-attacks ensures that you can prevent most breaches, respond quickly when they do happen, and can minimise the impact on the organisation.

How prepared are you?

1. How exposed to cyber risk are you?

When we talk about risk, what we’re really talking about is exposure. To effectively manage cyber risk, your management team must identify all cyber risks that they are exposed to.

2. How do you handle cyber risks in your supply chain?

This is a very important area of risk to address as the majority of cyber attacks start with entry via a third party.

3. Do you have an incident response plan?

It is vital to have a plan in place for when a cyber attack occurs to minimise the impact of the incident. Speed of response to attacks is also a critical factor, for example; a global law firm lost its entire database across 120,000 computers less than five minutes after a cyber-attack was launched.

4. How savvy are your staff when it comes to cyber security awareness?

Cyber criminals are experts at exploiting human behaviour, training your employees to be cyber security alert at all times will significantly reduce the potential for a cyber attack.

5. What risk management framework are you using?

There are several risk management frameworks that you can use to benchmark and assess your risk profile and cyber security approaches. For example, ISO 27001 or NIST or industry specific frameworks.

We’ve put together a checklist of the common areas of cyber risk to help you address some or all of these areas. Or, we can help you address all these risks under our Cyber Steps Program. It is a practical and affordable program, and best of all, it is like having an in-house cyber risk management team!

CyberWorqs - Risk Management Checklist
Download P • 535KB

For more information on our Cyber Steps Program, visit our website or call 1300 984 340.

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