Cyber Steps: Cyber Risk Management That Works, One Step at a Time


The responsibility to protect the personal data of your customers, commercial data, financial resources and ensuring the continuity of the operations, has never been greater for management teams. Recent changes in legislation, and the expectations of the community and stakeholders means that you can no longer be reactive to cyber attacks and data breaches. 

Cyber security risk is a complex risk to manage and with a multitude of cyber security technologies and vendors, it is difficult for businesses to know where to begin implementing cyber security controls. So we created the Cyber Steps Program. 

A program that helps you prepare and plan to reduce cyber threats and minimise the impact of a cyber attack.

What is the Cyber Steps Program?

Cyber Steps is ideal for organisations who need an in-house cyber risk manager. We have designed a practical and cost effective cyber risk management framework that is tailored to the needs of your organisation and implemented at a pace that works for you. It is an effective program because we take the time to manage the change that is required to achieve a cyber security culture in the workplace.

It is ideal for organisations that are new to address cyber security risk. The program includes:

  • Identifying the cyber risks unique to the business

  • Gap Analysis

  • Education and Training

  • Policy drafting and Process implementation

  • Third Party Supplier Assessment

  • IT Security Assessment 

  • Incident Response and Business Continuity Planning

  • Maintaining and Monitoring cyber security across the business environment

Which Organisations can benefit from Cyber Steps?


The core principals of cyber risk management apply to all businesses, regardless of size and industry. The backbone of the Cyber Steps framework is built on these core principals and then tailored to your business and the industry you operate in.


Cyber Steps is a perfect fit for:


  • Government agencies

  • Corporations in all sectors

  • Financial Service Providers (the program is CPS234 compliant)

  • Healthcare organisation

  • Private companies in all sectors

What are the Benefits of Cyber Steps Program?

Cyber risk is an emerging risk and largely misunderstood as an IT risk. It is also a moving target and requires the collaborative effort of people in your organisation and your business partners to work together to protect your digital assets. 

Cyber Steps gets you started in the right place by helping management teams understand cyber risk as an operation risk, build a framework that addresses the operational risk and manage the change in culture required to keep on top of this moving target.

You have access to a cyber risk specialist and IT security specialist at the fraction of the cost of employing similar resources full time.

What makes Cyber Steps Different?

Simply put, it is not a 'create, set and forget' program. We understand that changing processes and behaviours takes time.


Our approach is to help management teams instill a cyber security culture and work with you to continuously assess, monitor and improve your cyber security posture to ensure your cyber risk is managed on an ongoing basis.

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